CAMBRIDGE (CBS) — Bundled in pink, six-week-old Victoria, felt her mother’s touch for the first time Tuesday. Mother Isabel Gonzalez fought hard for this moment. The 34-year-old was 34 weeks pregnant when she tested positive for the coronavirus and had to have an emergency c-section.

“She saw her baby from far away and they took her away. She was heartbroken,” said Marina Gonzalez, Isabel’s aunt.

That was March 30, by April 2, Isabel was in a Massachusetts General Hospital ICU, intubated and on a ventilator. She remained that way for almost a month.

Isabel Gonzalez met her baby for the first time Tuesday (WBZ-TV)

On Tuesday, after being hospitalized for 44 days, the mom of three was wheeled out of Spaulding Hospital in Cambridge to her cheering and grateful family.

“It was a lot of pressure. I’m just glad I’m able to hand off her baby to her in good health,” Marina said. “The health care workers were putting so much effort. They are the real heroes in this story.”

The nurses who took care of Isabel said she was a special patient.

“She kicked butt. She worked really, really hard with physical therapy and occupational therapy. She was quite debilitated given her hospital stay but she was really motivated,” said Spaulding Nurse Christina Palmieri.

It was that motivation that led to Tuesday’s celebration. And through the hugs and the tears and the thank yous, Isabel was ushered home where she belongs.

Anaridis Rodriguez

  1. Vanessa C says:

    This is SUCH a heartwarming story, thank you so much for sharing and to the incredible care team at Spaulding Cambridge. One minor edit, if it’s possible to make to the published article, is that Christina Palmieri is actually a (badass) Nurse Practitioner at Spaulding, not a nurse as previously stated. As a close friend, I just want her to be recognized for her heroic efforts and years of education. :) Thank you!

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