BOSTON (CBS) — The Patriots don’t have a very easy schedule in 2020. In fact, they have the hardest schedule of all NFL teams, based on the .537 winning percentage their 2020 opponents owned last season.

But believe it or not, the L.A. Rams are complaining about New England’s visit to Los Angeles in Week 14. According to Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal, the Rams are “a little irritated” with the way their Thursday Night clash with New England is scheduled.

For the Patriots, that game will be their second in five days, after playing the L.A. Chargers the Sunday before. But that’s where the Rams are crying foul. Whereas the Patriots play the Chargers Sunday afternoon in Week 13 and then get to return to their hotel right after, the Rams are on the road and will have to travel back home.

That beef makes a little bit of sense — until you see where the Rams are playing in Week 13. If it was a cross-country trip, maybe they’d have a point. But instead, they play the Cardinals in Glendale, Arizona. Total flight time from Glendale to L.A.: 90 minutes.

The Rams are complaining over a few hours of extra rest for an East Coast team playing on the West Coast. For New England, that will be their second trip out west of the season after a Week 2 visit to the Seattle Seahawks, so it makes all the sense in the world to pair their two games against L.A. teams.

The Rams may be in Los Angeles now, but it appears the franchise will always find a way to complain about something regarding their games against the Patriots.