BOSTON (CBS) – Elsa from the Disney movie, “Frozen,” is using her powers to bring joy to kids every weekend with story time over Zoom.

Her real name is Samantha Steinhage and she’s from Pembroke. She started “story time” when the coronavirus forced many parents to start working from home and kids to stay home from school. She posted the idea on social media and now hundreds of families from all over are tuning in.

Samantha Steinhage as Elsa. (WBZ-TV)

“I never, ever expected this to happen,” said Steinhage. “It’s really been very overwhelming and very wonderful.”

Each family has the option to make a donation which goes toward helping people through the pandemic. She’s raised $5,200 so far. The money has gone to food banks, flowers for Berkshire Medical Center and meals for health care workers on the front lines. This week, Steinhage dropped off masks at Women’s Lunch Place in Boston.

“I’m just so happy that I can help even a little bit,” she said.

And the gift she is giving to families through reading, interacting with kids and singing has been priceless.

“Parents have emailed and reached out texted, called and just said they’re so grateful for even that 40 minutes of peace in their house and just the joy that it’s brought their children,” said Steinhage.

Elsa the Snow Queen warming hearts all over.

“Now more than ever is a time for people to band together and to help their neighbors. Through doing this it has allowed us to spread love across the state,” she said.

Elsa is holding another story time on Saturday, May 9. You can find more details here.

Anna Meiler