BOSTON (AP) — A Massachusetts hospital group has announced that it is furloughing about 600 workers, or 10% of its labor force, because of “historic” financial losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Cape Cod Healthcare, the parent company of Cape Cod and Falmouth hospitals, faces a $74 million loss this fiscal year, President and CEO Michael Lauf said Thursday.

“Today was a bad day for Cape Cod Healthcare,” Lauf said at a news conference. “I never thought in my 12 years here I would have to do what I did today.”

Only bedside nurses and those on the front lines fighting the pandemic were spared, Lauf said.

Physicians, nurses, technicians, aides and parking lot attendants as well as other positions were affected, he said.

In addition to the furloughs that take effect Sunday, management and executives are taking salary cuts of up to 12.5%, Lauf said.

Shannon Sherman, chair of the nurses Massachusetts Nurses Association bargaining unit at Cape Cod Hospital, in a statement called it a “callous and short-sighted decision, which we believe will place all of our patients in jeopardy and have dangerous consequences for the remaining staff, who are already exhausted from working under what has been the most trying time for health care workers.”

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  1. Hazel Clark says:

    Lauf doesn’t care. He is a bean counter with a short temper and a “don’t tell me what to do” attitude, “canning people who don’t toe HIS line and taking over duties with which he has no experience. Anyone who didn’t see this coming when he arrived in 2008/10 wasn’t looking at his history in Tennessee, He has thumbed his nose at everyone and forced the merging of most of the healthcare companies on Cape Cod. Service is lacking, time spent with patients by your PCP has been reduced to about 10 minutes and morale is through the floor, This is the easiest way to get rid of the “fat” and balancing the books: at the expense of the patients.

    A once great, financially sound Hospital, which was well endowed by some of the great Cape families, was turned into a “Big Business” private medical group that was destined to lose money with Lauf at the tiller. I am not sure that this man could manage a 7-11.

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