BOSTON (CBS) – As if on cue, the sun peeked out Friday afternoon just in time for a sweet, surprise celebration. Mission accomplished.

Christian Oster should be graduating from Northeastern University, but it was canceled because of coronavirus. Those who love him, were not about to let this day pass quietly. Oster’s three kids kept a big secret, and their dad was completely surprised when a parade of family, friends and Walpole neighbors came down their street.

“He’s gone to school nights, raised three children, working hard. We’re proud of him,” said Christian’s dad, Gus Oster.

The husband and father of three was due for some joy.

“I work full time for a grocery chain so I’m at work every day and I see the fear people are going through and the anxiety and uncertainly. It’s been difficult,” Christian said.

The veteran, who’s been deployed away from family before, knows what really matters.

“We love him. Very much,” his father said.

Surrounded by love and support, with a new degree under his belt, he’s got everything he needs.

“It blew my mind. I was not expecting this at all. Absolutely amazing.”

Juli McDonald


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