SUDBURY (CBS) — Staying connected to students during a time of remote learning is no easy task for schools, so one local principal created his own morning show for both the kids and the teachers. Hanscom Middle School Principal Erich Ledebuhr is setting his students up for success every single day.

“Messages are being broadcast to you today from my home office in Sudbury, Mass. Boy, I never thought I would be saying something like that,” he said.

Ledebuhr has been broadcasting since March, delivering morning announcements remotely, and leading his students in the Pledge of Allegiance. That’s an important start to his students’ day because this school is located on the Hanscom Air Force Base, and all the kids are military children.

“As a principal of a school, one of the most important things you have is your community and how can you keep your community together,” Ledebuhr said.

Hanscom Middle School Principal Erich Lederbuhr recording the morning announcements. (WBZ-TV)

So every day he records the morning messages, always including birthday shout outs. Sometimes, he takes it on the road and showcases student work.

“We want them to know we’re proud of them. It’s like a virtual bulletin board,” he said. “This helped to provide some stability for our faculty and staff, and most importantly, for our students and our families. It’s hard for everybody right now. Anything I can do to keep that community strong through this closure and try to keep us intact — I’m certainly going to do it.”

Hanscom Middle School just finished celebrating the Month of the Military Child, a time to thank the students for the sacrifices they make by having a parent in the service.

While the school is located on the Hanscom Air Force Base, it’s part of the Lincoln public school system.

Friday is the perfect day to recognize Lederbuhr, as it’s National School Principal’s Day.



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