BOSTON (CBS) –New Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady was looking to get some work in at a Tampa Bay park earlier this month, but was kicked out because the park was close amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said that never would have happened if Brady stayed in New England. But since Brady is now in Tampa, he doesn’t feel bad for the QB for his little run-in with the law.

“If Tom Brady stayed, there are some exceptions I would make. And having Tom Brady throw a football, I probably would have maybe looked the other way on that one,” Walsh joked with WEEI’s The Greg Hill Show on Wednesday.

“But he goes to Tampa Bay and that’s what he gets — thrown out of the park. So it serves him right,” added Walsh.

Brady did receive a letter from Tampa Bay Mayor Jane Castor where she joked about the park incident, thanking him for being “a good sport.”

“Tom, my apologizes for the miscommunication when you arrived — not the best first impression,” Castor wrote, according to TMZ.” But given my law enforcement background, I couldn’t help but have someone investigate the sighting of a G.O.A.T. running wild in one of our beautiful city parks. No harm — no foul, and thanks for being a good sport.”

Brady signed a two-year deal with the Buccaneers this offseason, leaving the Patriots after a 20-year career and six Super Bowl titles. Getting the boot from a local park wasn’t the only trouble Brady has run into since joining the Bucs, either. He recently walked into the wrong house when going to meet with his new offensive coordinator, Byron Leftwich. And that meeting with Leftwich also caused some controversy, since it’s a no-no under NFL rules during the pandemic. The NFL, however, said Tuesday that Brady won’t be punished for that quick visit.


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