CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – If you’re out in public in the city of Cambridge you’re now required to cover your face.

“We’ve had to turn a few people away and just have them come back with something to cover their face,” said Brent Parker of Pill Hardware.

The staff at Pill Hardware on Mass Ave is onboard with the mandatory order. They say masks will keep essential workers like them safe.

“I’ve seen plenty of people out and about without them on,” said Parker.

Cambridge’s emergency order applies to anyone over the age of five. Violators could face a $300 fine.

“If it gets to the point of enforcement that would be on the Cambridge Police Department, but again the goal of the police department is not to fine people. The idea is to educate them,” said Jeremy Warnick of the Cambridge Police Department.

Somerville and Lawrence also implemented face covering requirements on Wednesday.

“We are hopeful people will take it seriously cause you just never know when you’re around somebody else who might have it,” said Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera.

In Cambridge, it was hard to spot anyone without a mask and people seem to be onboard with the policy.

Mike LaCrosse


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