By Lisa Gresci

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – As everyone is being told to stay home as much as possible during the coronavirus pandemic, a teenage boy and his family are thinking about the people who don’t have a roof over their head to do that.

The Hannon family feels their efforts to feed the homeless are needed now more than ever and 13-year-old Liam Hannon figured out a way to safely keep it going.

“We’re still doing it we are being a lot more careful wearing gloves and masks the whole time,” he told WBZ-TV.

Liam started making meals for the homeless almost three years ago. Now, because of COVID-19, he’s worried they may not be getting what they need.

“Because things are shutting down,” he explained “and then they aren’t able to either be in a shelter or just get food,” he said.

With the help of his family, Liam is making 75 to 125 bagged lunches a week.

“A lot of people are very thankful,” he added.

They fill a wagon with lunches to pass out or leave them in a safe place for pick up.

Liam’s dad, Scott, recently receiving a thank you that he never expected – $47.

“They said no, no, no… it’s for Liam, it’s for college you have to promise us not to use this for lunches. Which if anybody knows people with addiction that was on another level that hit us really hard like this is something that these people really, really appreciate,” he said.

Written on the lunches— a few kind words. Words this family hopes will contribute to the overall message when this is over, that it shouldn’t take a world pandemic for us to realize we can all do just a little more.

(Photo credit: Lisa Gresci – WBZ-TV)

“I know that we are going to get through it somehow,” Liam said.

“We can help each other out!” His dad added.

“I think that we all just need to be kinder to each other,” Liam said.

The family passes out the lunches each Sunday, an all-day effort they feel has been worth it since day one.

If you’d like to help, head to Liam’s website.

Lisa Gresci


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