BOSTON (CBS) — A nurse practitioner fighting against the coronavirus on the frontlines says her car was stolen from her driveway.

According to Molly MacKay, her navy blue Mazda CX5 was taken from outside her Dorchester home between 2 a.m. and 10 a.m. Sunday. Her roommate’s car was also broken into.

MacKay works at Boston Hope Medical Center. She said the PPE she uses for work was inside the car.

“We’re trying to keep all the stuff that we wear or need in the car because you don’t want to bring that kind of stuff in the house,” she said.

Nurse practitioner Molly MacKay says her navy blue Mazda CX5 was stolen from her driveway (Courtesy Photo)

“I had an N95 in there, I had my white coat, I had my golf clubs. I had a lot of things in there,” MacKay said. “It’s just so violating. Who takes somebody’s car these days? It’s crazy to think that that happens. We were saying we’ve been so lucky and people have been so supportive of us being on the frontlines and so kind with food and kind letters and then all of a sudden it’s like ‘really?'”

MacKay called her work caring for coronavirus patients at Boston’s field hospital humbling. “Having the medical community come together has been wonderful. We feel so supported. You never feel alone. It is so sad to see these people who are suffering and a lot of them are suffering alone and they don’t have their loved ones with them and we’ve both witnessed that. But we become their family when they are in these situations.”

Boston Police told WBZ-TV they received a report and are investigating.


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