BOSTON (CBS) — The Patriots are adding several new players this weekend at the NFL Draft as the team begins a new era without quarterback Tom Brady. But the real star to come out of New England this weekend won’t be taking the field when the NFL season kicks off.

That is, unless Belichick has some strange, real life Air Bud approach at quarterback, but that remains unlikely.

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That breakout star of the 2020 NFL Draft is Bill Belichick’s dog, Nike, who stole the show Friday night when New England made its first selection. As New England’s pick of Kyle Dugger was announced, ESPN cut to a shot of Belichick’s setup in Nantucket.

Belichick was nowhere to be found. Instead, it was Nike sitting in the head coach’s chair. The Alaskan Klee Kai immediately became an internet sensation.

Belichick obviously has Nike trained well, since the pup executed the team’s selection of Division II safety Kyle Dugger. It’s a pick only a Belichick — man or canine — would make.

Nike was also a big part of Saturday’s selections, as you can see:

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Asked about Nike’s 40 time after the draft concluded, Belichick had some fun.

“He’s fast,” said Belichick. “Not as fast as the rabbits he’s chasing. He’s not that fast, but he’s fast.”

Belichick added that Nike is “very personable, friendly and gets a lot of attention.”

Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio had his kids with him when New England’s first pick was announced on Friday. He didn’t notice Nike’s appearance until later that evening, but said that image fits right in to Belichick’s real personality and sense of humor, two things most people don’t get to see all that often.

“I mean, honestly, Bill is awesome. I’ve been fortunate to be around him for 19, 20 years now. He has, I would say a very playful side to him,” said Caserio. “He’s great to work for, he’s very fair. He entrusts the people around him to try to do a good job for him. That’s our responsibility and obligation to him. He probably has more fun than people realize, but it’s all well intentioned.”

The Belichicks welcomed Nike to their staff in 2018, and the pup made his debut in Apri 2018, when he was spotted at a Holy Cross lacrosse game with Belichick — complete with his own cutoff sweatshirt. And if you can’t get enough Nike, the pooch does have his own Instagram page.

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The Patriots may have lost Tom Brady this offseason, but a new star has been born.