By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — The best part of the NFL Draft is that for hundreds of football players around the country, it serves as the ultimate achievement of their athletic lives. Though not everyone will go on to become a star and some won’t even make an NFL roster, the thrill of being one of the few drafted players selected.

Each player’s journey is unique, and Julian Edelman is certainly no exception.

As you’ve certainly heard roughly 17,000 times before, Edelman was not a wide receiver in college. He actually played quarterback. Shocker, we know.

And so, with the help of Brett Favre’s famous jorts picture from his draft day back in 1991 and with the help of a little Photoshopping, Julez had some fun on Twitter on Thursday.

When Edelman was slinging the pigskin and running like a madman at Kent State, he likely hoped he could one day play QB in the NFL. Alas, Bill Belichick saw something different in Edelman. And with a commitment to a new position, Edelman has turned himself into a mighty fine receiver — the second most-prolific postseason receiver of all time, in fact. With a Super Bowl MVP, more than 700 receptions and more than 40 touchdowns, it’s worked out pretty well.

The picture, in case you didn’t know, originally featured Brett Favre, who was unafraid to show off some thigh while waiting to get his NFL call.

Edelman had to wait six long years in the NFL before finally getting his chance to emulate the gunslingin’ Favre, but as you’ll surely remember, Edelman made the most of his opportunity.

Julian Edelman throws a touchdown pass to Danny Amendola (GIF from

Since that memorable night in Foxboro, Edelman has compiled some solid passing stats in the regular season and postseason combined: 5-for-7 for 141 yards and two touchdowns.

While Edelman’s post was just an excuse to share a funny photo, it also can serve as a reminder to all draftees this week that getting that call on draft day is merely the beginning of an NFL journey. What happens after that call is entirely up to the players, and it most likely won’t end up being anything like they expect it to be.


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