BOSTON (CBS) — Right now, at this exact moment in time, it is a great day to be a Buccaneers fan.

Whether that happiness and positivity translates to actual football victories remains to be seen, but for now, it doesn’t get much better than adding Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in the middle of an otherwise dreary moment in history. The Bucs are having themselves a day.

And they’re celebrating with some videos. If we’re being honest … they’re pretty good videos.

In the case of Brady, he brought back an old video from his social media history. In it, he blows a conch shell to assemble his team. Out of the woods comes a winded but jovial Gronkowski.

The old conch shell/Anchorman bit is nothing new, but it certainly takes on a new meaning now.

Meanwhile, the Bucs are happy.


Oh, and speaking of videos with new angles, the Buccaneers posted Brady’s video taken after winning the 2018 AFC Championship Game in Kansas City.

Technically, the dynamic duo did go somewhere. They went to Tampa. So that part of the song doesn’t really apply. Nevertheless, Brady and Gronk are still bad boys for life, and the clip reflects just how happy the people are down by the bay.


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