BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said a decision will likely be coming this week with regards to when, or if, students will return to the classroom this academic year. Walsh said he is “not too confident” a return will be possible amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker initially announced in March that schools would be closed through April 7. But less than two weeks later, the governor extended his order and said schools would open no sooner than May 4.

“There’s some decisions this week I think the governor will be talking about,” Walsh said during his Monday press briefing. “We’re still in the midst of having a conversation on schools and what’s going to come next there.”

Walsh said he believes it will be a challenge to return to normal this academic year.

“I don’t think there’s any question kids aren’t going back to school May 4,” Walsh said. “I’ve been talking along with other mayors and superintendents in the state about what do we do here? Do we open it up a little later in June and try and get a couple weeks in or not? And I would probably at this point I you know I don’t think it’s too, I’m not too confident we’ll have school this year.”

The Boston mayor also said things could be different in the classroom in the fall as well.

“Next year, when school comes back in September it could be a very different looking situation in the classrooms and something that we’re going to have to be very cognizant of,” Walsh said.


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