By Kristina Rex

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – Cameron Karosis is a healthy 27-year-old. The Cambridge man eats nutritional foods and exercises daily. He started working from home for his company Hubspot in early March when the coronavirus pandemic hit, and only went out to the grocery store twice, wearing protective equipment each time. Still, in late March, he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

It started with a kink in his neck on March 19 that quickly became a full body ache, Karosis, originally from South Berwick, Maine, told WBZ. Then, a migraine followed. “I was trying to get sleep, but the migraine was making it hard to do that,” he said. “And any time I did get sleep, my fever would make me sweat and I would wake up drenched.”

He called three times to try to get a COVID-19 test, but didn’t have symptoms severe enough to qualify. Then, respiratory issues hit.

Cameron Karosis recovered from COVID-19 (WBZ-TV)

“If you are inhaling, all of a sudden you will hit this breaking point and you start coughing and it hurts like kind of in the lower part of your lungs,” he explained about the sensation. “And then when you are not trying to breathe either deeply or shallowly, you just feel like there’s someone sitting on your chest.”

Karosis then qualified for a test, and four days later received his result that he tested positive for COVID-19. He said the disease came in waves. “It tricks you,” Karosis said. “You have a week where you are doing poorly. You start to get better. Your fever dials back, and then it comes back with a vengeance, and that’s what happened to me.”

When the virus “came back with a vengeance,” his respiratory difficulty became more severe and he rushed himself to Mass General Hospital, where he was treated for several hours. “When it really hit me I think was when I was in the hospital,” he explained. “I started to get pretty emotional just thinking to myself like what if I end up being intubated or something like that? Is that going to change my life?”

Cameron Karosis (WBZ-TV)

Fortunately, for Cameron, he was told he wouldn’t need to be put on a ventilator. When doctors asked if he felt more comfortable staying at MGH, he opted to go home to his Cambridge apartment, wanting to save the bed for someone who needed it more. “Huge shout out to the folks over there [at MGH],” he said. “They are really deserving of all the praise they are getting.”

Karosis didn’t feel fully healthy again until around April 9. He started working from home again on April 13, but still plans to stay home as much as possible since he knows he’s not necessarily immune to the virus.

Karosis wants people to know: this virus does not discriminate. “I only went to the grocery store twice. When I went, I wore gloves. I disposed of them immediately. I didn’t wear the same pair all day. And still got it,” he explained. “You can be healthy. You can do everything right. You can wear gloves. You can wear a mask. You can do everything right, and that doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything.”

Kristina Rex

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  1. Tom says:

    So, How could that happen, Cameron? Does that mean that the virus floats randomly on the air and somehow it lands on your mucous membranes like the nose, throat or eyes? That is frighten, I’ve heard and read from political and health authorities that you have to be close to an infected asymptomatic person or touch something with fomites on it and touch your face with your own hand. I am puzzled by your story. Like with Chris Cuomo of CNN who is recuperating from covid-19, he said that he was hanging around or close to people he knew they had turned positive, then he came down with it. Perhaps you were asymptomatic in the last few days before you switched from office to your home for work? Anyone else from work did not come down with the disease?

    1. elysium80 says:

      yeah it’s not really adding up. He came down with this on March 19th and supposedly only went to the grocery twice before this? Why? Things werent even all that in Boston prior to march 19th. I was taking the train to work every day until March 11th. He seems to be blaming the grocery store that he went to twice prior to march 19th and wore gloves. Nope. He got it from someone else somewhere else.

  2. Jason says:

    Do he wear mask when went to the grocery? He didn’t mention anything !

    1. Stephen Harris says:

      Exactly what I’d like to know. He is ambiguous. He says “I was wearing gloves” but does not mention a mask, implying he was not wearing a mask. But his later statement implies he was wearing a mask.

  3. S. Peas says:

    Did Mr. K use any NSAIDS early in the infection (when the muscles ached)? E.g. ibuprofen or tylenol? These can suppress fever (high body temp) which is needed to fight the virus – the higher temp not only makes it tough on the virus, it revs up the human immune system.

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