BOSTON (CBS) — After a heart-wrenching playoff defeat, Julian Edelman let off some steam with a night on the town with pals Danny Amendola and Paul Pierce. And he got himself into a little bit of trouble.

On that January night in Beverly Hills, Edelman allegedly hopped on top of a Mercedes and tried to slide across the hood. Edelman, who had been drinking alcohol, was promptly found and charged with vandalism.

But TMZ now reports that the vandalism charge has been dropped, as the Mercedes owner has been compensated for the damage caused by Edelman’s attempt at looking like a 1970s TV cop. Presumably, Edelman agreed to pay for those damages, thus eliminating the need for the owner to press charges.

According to TMZ, “Officials say the case filing has been formally declined ‘in the interests of justice.'”

Edelman, who will turn 34 in May, is signed with the Patriots through 2021.

  1. Jack says:

    The Pats should cut him.

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