BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker issued three executive orders aimed at getting more medical personnel available to help during the coronavirus crisis.

Baker said on Thursday the first order will make it easier for foreign-educated doctors to practice in Massachusetts. Graduates of international medical schools with at least two years of postgraduate training will be eligible to be licensed.

A second order will allow nursing school graduates and those in their last semester to practice in the state if supervised by licensed medical personnel.

In addition, Baker ordered that insurers cover all required costs of COVID-19 treatment in out-of-network hospitals or other medical facilities with no charge to the patient. The order comes with several field hospitals being constructed in Massachusetts.

“As we stand up new facilities for health care that may be considered out-of-network under normal circumstances [the order] will ensure that individuals would be covered,” said Baker.

Baker said the orders are aimed at having as many healthcare workers ready to work as Massachusetts prepares for a surge that is expected sometime between April 10-20.

“These orders will contribute to our efforts to grow a robust community of frontline workers to support our health care institutions statewide as they significantly expand their capacity to deal with the surge,” said Baker.


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