BOSTON (CBS) – Mail carriers want to make sure you don’t forget social distancing when they’re making deliveries during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are asking people to not approach our carriers to accept delivery. Let the carrier leave the mailbox before collecting the mail. With schools not in session, children should also be encouraged to not approach a postal vehicle or carrier,” Mike Rakes, the U.S. Postal Service’s District Manager in Boston, said in a statement.

“If a delivery requires a signature, carriers will knock on the door rather than touching the bell. They will maintain a safe distance, and instead of asking for a signature on their mobile device, they’ll ask for the resident’s name. The carrier will leave the mail or package in a safe place for retrieval.”

There is no evidence at this point that coronavirus is being spread through the mail.

However, Dr. Mallika Marshall says if you’re receiving packages or mail, wash your hands “anytime you touch something or someone that could potentially be contaminated.”


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