By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — The year 2020 was already a pretty weird time to be alive. And that was before coronavirus locked everyone in their homes.

And now, we’ve reached the point where an NFL general manager is making public statements based on trade rumors that were started by a dog on Twitter.

Edward R. Murrow would be just so thoroughly confused.

If you are likewise perplexed, then the background is this: Famed internet writer and podcaster “PFT Commenter” often loosely breaks sports news by way of a Twitter account for his dog, Leroy. On Wednesday evening, “Leroy” tweeted out that he had been hearing about a “wild rumor” that Rob Gronkowski was “strongly considering” coming out of retirement to team up with Tom Brady once again, this time in Tampa Bay.

Of course, for Gronkowski to play for the Buccaneers, Bill Belichick would have to trade him to Tampa, as Gronkowski still had a year remaining on his contract when he retired a year ago. Whether or not Belichick would ever accommodate such a request is unknown, but it surely adds a significant hurdle from this rumor ever becoming reality.

Yet, again, this is 2020. And in 2020, sometimes you’ve got to ask the NFL general manager about the rumor started by a dog.

A reporter did just that, in a way, on a conference call with Bucs GM Jason Licht on Thursday. ESPN’s Jenna Laine quoted Licht, who essentially gave a “no comment” when asked about a potential acquisition of Gronkowski.

Now, wouldn’t that be crazy? Can you even imagine if the Buccaneers spoke publicly about a player who’s under contract with another team? That would be bananas! I, personally, cannot even imagine.

Nevertheless, that’s the official “no comment” from the Bucs on the Rob Gronkowski rumor which was started by the dog of a podcaster.

If you’re a true resident of the year 2020, then you better be hoping and praying that this one actually comes true. The world needs that kind of story line to carry us through this wild and crazy time.

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