BOSTON (CBS) — Julian Edelman is used to wearing gloves on the football field. Now he’s asking the public to do the same if they need to go out during the coronavirus pandemic.

Edelman joins the long list of Boston athletes to put out a plea for social distancing during the pandemic, Tweeting out a video Wednesday afternoon. Edelman, of course, added his own spin to his PSA, with some rather funny results.

The message started off simple enough. Edelman, complete with a JE11 hat and No. 11 Celtics jersey (whether it’s an Enes Kanter jersey or an old Kyrie Irving one remains up for debate), asking folks to stay inside and practice social distancing. He mixed in a Boston sports cliche for good measure.

“Boston. I know this is a crazy surreal time, something we have never really experienced in our lifetime. With spring coming up we’re so used to having Patriots Day, Marathon Monday, Opening Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Passover — all these crazy awesome events that we have to adjust to and we have to do differently because of the circumstances we are under,” he began. “But as Mayor Marty, my guy, Marty Walsh always says, Boston is a city built on comebacks.

“We’re going to come back from this, but there are crucial things we have to do to come back from this,” he continued. “That’s stay inside, be safe, and social distancing. It’s a necessary thing. I honestly want to say thank you to the people putting their neck on the line out there; medical pros, our police departments, fire departments, people that are delivering food — all these people. It’s crazy to see how we are all coming together to work together because of these crazy circumstances.”

At that point, Edelman started to have some fun while sending his message, pulling out a pair of gloves and a face mask. One of the gloves ripped while he was putting it on, and the mask ended up covering his eyes.

But his plea was simple.

“Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay inside,” urged Edelman. “But if you do go outside for groceries or anything, glove up, mask up, safe up.”