By Mike LaCrosse

BROCKTON (CBS) – Five residents have died of coronavirus at Alliance Health at West Acres in Brockton.

Twenty-eight other residents have tested positive for the virus.

“Her throat, has a raspy throat, and she says she feels like she’s getting a cold,” said Chuck MacFaun.

Five residents have died of coronavirus at Alliance Health at West Acres in Brockton. (WBZ-TV)

Chuck MacFaun’s 81-year-old mother, Antonette, is one of the 28 residents at Alliance Heath at West Acres in Brockton who tested positive for COVID-19.

“She worked hard all her life, and it’s sad to see her in this situation right now,” said MacFaun.

MacFaun visited his mom and spoke with her through the window after he found out she has coronavirus. He’s worried because his mom has underlying health conditions and dementia.

“It’s kind of an anxious moment because we know what’s going on, but she didn’t,” said MacFaun.

Joe Ricci’s 73-year-old mom, Karen, was only supposed to be at Alliance Health for six weeks to heal a spinal fracture.

She’s still there because her therapy is on hold. Ricci isn’t sure if his mom has coronavirus.

“She’s showing symptoms, and we know, there is, what is going on in there. I wish the family members knew what was going on in there,” said Joe Ricci.

Alliance Health at West Acres sent WBZ a statement reading, in part, “We have, and will continue to, inform family members about the condition of their loved ones, and we share their pain and loss. We are grateful to our staff who are working tirelessly with dedication and compassion to care for our residents.”

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, more than 1,200 patients and workers at long-term care facilities are infected with the coronavirus.

Brockton Mayor Robert Sullivan and health officer John McGarry said the national guard has been helpful by testing residents at nursing homes in the city.

“Which is going to get us a better handle on the actual number of infections, so that the staff at these facilities can do a better job of quarantining and isolating those that are sick,” said Health Officer John McGarry.

Mike LaCrosse


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