BOSTON (CBS) – Wearing a recently acquired New England Patriots face mask, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh reminded residents of the importance of covering their faces every time they leave home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Walsh announced over the weekend that the city is strengthening its stay-at-home guidelines, asking people to cover their faces every time they are in public. A recommended curfew of 9 p.m.- 6 a.m. was also put in place, and sports facilities at parks were closed to prevent large gatherings.

“Every day, every moment counts,” said Walsh on Tuesday.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh puts on his Patriots mask after a press conference. (WBZ-TV)

Walsh said in the last three days coronavirus cases have risen by 33% in Boston.

“Face covers will help slow the spread of the virus, because 25% of the people who are infected are not showing symptoms,” said Walsh. “The more of us who are wearing face covers, the more effectivw this strategy will be.”

Health officials said face covers, which do not have to be medical grade, should cover the mouth and nose.

“I know using these face covers can be uncomfortable and hard to get used to, and I’m having a hard time myself with it. If I’m walking down the street, where I’m going to pass my neighbors, I’m going to put it on,” said Walsh, adding “I always have the mask with me. It’s in my pocket at all times.”

A Twitter user joked Monday that Walsh not having a Patriots mask was “one of the biggest shocks of this global pandemic,” to which Walsh replied “It’s on the way.”


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