BOSTON (CBS) — With the NHL and other pro sports leagues on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, players and fans alike are looking for ways to fill the void. For players, that includes trying to stay in game shape despite the fact that rinks and gyms are closed everywhere.

It has been nearly a month since the Bruins last took the ice in Philadelphia for their final game before the NHL put a halt to the season. With their practice facility at Warrior Arena closed, Bruins players have been on their own when it comes to working out and staying in shape, and they’re finding new and unique ways to keep that going for as long as they need to keep it up. Boston defenseman Charlie McAvoy took to Twitter on Monday to answer a few fan questions, and said he has a new hobby that should have him ready to hit the ice if the NHL season resumes.

“I just got a pair of rollerblades, so I’ve been trying to get outside and distance myself, but enjoy some fresh air,” said McAvoy. “Getting outside the house has been great, bringing back some normalcy to the day.”

McAvoy also said he’s honing in on his cooking chops, preparing all of his owns meals at home. And since he moved into a new apartment during the season, he’s been painting around his new domicile, making it feel more like a home.

And as most of us do when we’re stuck at home (and even when we’re not), McAvoy is watching plenty of TV. He recently joined the masses and entered the world of Joe Exotic with a binge of Netflix’s Tiger King docuseries.

“What a wild show that was. It took me about a day and a half, I just binged right through it. It was crazy,” he said, adding that season three of Netflix’s Ozarks was up next in his queue.

Between his rollerblading sessions and DIY projects, McAvoy is also staying competitive with his Bruins teammates with some battles on Xbox. He said that’s also a great way for everyone to keep in touch at a time when they’re not allowed to hang out with each other.

“I’m really just trying to make the most of every day, trying to find new things to keep me preoccupied,” he said. “If you guys have any recommendations of good ways of how to pass the time, let me know. I hope everyone is staying safe, staying healthy and really making the most of this time. I can’t wait for hockey to come back and to see all you guys again. Until then, everyone stay safe and I’m wishing you all the best.”



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