By David Wade

BOSTON (CBS)  — The coronavirus crisis has left airports deserted and flights canceled. While flight attendants are still doing their jobs, one told WBZ-TV, they are worried for their safety.

“I’m not trying to post this to scare anyone. I’m posting this to stop my friends from being in the same place I am,” flight attendant April Rodriguez said. “I’m asking all my friends not to fly. It’s not worth it.”

And she’s not alone. Another airline worker sent WBZ-TV a photo of a Boston-bound flight and while some flights have been nearly empty, this one was packed.

“When you have a plane with a capacity of 120 and you have 90 passengers, social distancing becomes a real problem with our flight attendants,” said Angelo Cucuzza, who works for the union representing flight attendants.

A recent Boston-bound flight was still crowded amid the coronavirus pandemic (Courtesy Photo)

According to Cucuzza, three airlines just gave flight attendants permission to wear masks, but they have to bring their own.

“The problem is the carriers are not providing the masks, it’s sort of a bring your own situation,” Cucuzza said.

The American Airlines new face mask policy allows masks “if they bring their own… and it’s a neutral color.”

They are also temporarily allowing flight attendants to wear gloves for the whole flight and said there are options for crews concerned about flying, such as voluntary leave.

You may ask, who’s flying these days anyway?

One flight attendant told WBZ-TV some people are racking up miles because flights are dirt cheap.

A non-stop flight from Boston to Miami costs $60 round trip.

“They’re being exposed and there are more flight attendants testing positive.,” said Cucuzza.

Tissues left behind for a flight attendant to pick up (WBZ-TV)

Part of the issue, he said, is what passengers are leaving behind for flight attendants to clean up.

“For example Lysol wipes, masks, gloves and they’re leaving that stuff behind.”

David Wade


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