By Juli McDonald

BOSTON (CBS) – Single mom and security officer Jenn Velasquez was food shopping Tuesday; without meals at school, she’s buying more for her girls to eat while she’s at work.

“I get to the checkout, I have everything on the belt, and all the sudden my card’s not going through. I start freaking out,” she said.

She left the store crying. That’s when Boston Police Officer Ben Peguero pulled up. He asked Jenn to come back inside.

“When I approached the cashier I could see cereals and things like that. Things kids would eat. I asked and she said yeah I have three kids at home. That made it a better feeling for me I guess,” he said.

Officer Peguero paid for all of it.

“I don’t even know what to do at this point but cry,” said Velasquez. “Who does that? It was well over $200 worth of groceries!”

Nine-year-old Jayna wants him to know Jenn is a great mom who works so hard.

“I always tell her that I love her from the moon and back,” said Jayna.

The family will never forget his kindness.

“I don’t even know how to thank you at this point. It’s truly a blessing. It was such a huge relief for this single mom. There’s no way you could understand how much you helped me. Thank you. Thank you so much,” Jenn said.

“I’m happy for my mom. I am thankful he actually stopped by for her,” Jayna added.

He says – it’s exactly why he wears the badge.

“It reminded me again why; this is why I did it. This is why I joined. We actually do care. We’re human just like them,” Peguero said.

Juli McDonald

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