BOSTON (CBS) – Countless Americans have been forced to put surgeries on hold during the coronavirus crisis. Overwhelmed hospitals are struggling to take care of patients and are dealing with a critical shortage of protective gear.

In some areas, including Massachusetts, hospitals have stopped doing many elective surgeries. Dan Wells, from Hudson, told WBZ-TV he is waiting to reschedule his biopsy for prostate cancer.

On Monday, many people, including Wells, raised questions about how Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale was able to have Tommy John surgery at a hospital in California.

“During this time it just sort of struck me as funny that people waiting for other things such as to determine whether or not you have cancer, seems to me less of an elective surgery than being able to pitch again,” Wells said.

Wells said he understand the hospitals are in crisis and he doesn’t blame Sale either. He wanted people to know that elective does not just mean cosmetic procedures.

Red Sox chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom defended Sale’s surgery saying, “It was important to all of us to do this in a way that would not place any undue burden on anyone suffering due to coronavirus.”

Wells said he does not know when he will find out if he has cancer.