By Cheryl Fiandaca

BOURNE (CBS) — To stop the spread of coronavirus on the Cape, some residents say it is time to close the bridges.

Cape Codder and year-round resident Beth Hickman said, “People are acting like it’s vacation time. The beaches are full, I drove by a beach a couple weekends ago and there was a group of like 10 to 15 kids just hanging out.”

She started an online petition to restrict Cape Cod to year-round residents, medical personnel, and deliveries of essential supplies. It claimed the possible influx of infected people would overwhelm the health care system and would drain limited resources and supplies in what is still the offseason.

According to Hickman, one woman who commented on the petition said her out-of-state neighbors from New York arrived with mild coronavirus symptoms and still went to the grocery stores.

The petition had more than 7,000 signatures as of Tuesday evening, but not everyone is in favor of limiting the Cape to residents only.

“It’s just a bridge too far, would likely do more harm than good and is something frankly we just don’t have the ability to do,” said State Senator Julian Cyr who represents the Cape and Islands.

He said anyone traveling to the Cape should self-quarantine for 14 days, in keeping with state guidelines.

According to Cyr, it isn’t possible to close the federal bridges and it isn’t necessary.

“We’ve put a whole list of protocols in place. We’re really working hard to protect our communities. We’re encouraging people to think twice about coming here,” Cyr said.

He also told WBZ-TV he works with 20 cities and towns and not a single town manager, police chief, or hospital has requested closing the bridges.

“The Sagamore and Bourne Bridges are considered critical infrastructure and, as such, there are no plans at this time to close the bridges due to the coronavirus,” U.S. Army Corps of Engineers spokesman Tim Dugan said in a statement to WBZ.

Cheryl Fiandaca

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  1. J S says:

    If Florida can close all its beaches, so can Cape Cod.

  2. Andre Paquin says:

    It’s a real drag not getting our, Nikes, IPhones and other Chinese slave labour made junk in time for Christmas, eh?

    Remember a long long time ago way before he was the President of the United States of America, Citizen Trump warned the Western World that shipping their jobs and manufacturing to China would come back and kick us in the …?

    I’m not sure that he had a socioeconomic meltdown and toilet paper shortage because some dude in China ate a raw COVID 19 infested bat kabob in mind, but he knew that the Chinese supply chain could and would be interrupted for one reason or another.

    The Christmas toy and other junk shortage is the only concern for libs, but

    The real issue that Citizen Trump was warning us about was, that depending on China for the important stuff, like medical supplies, medications, parts to manufacturer cars, and other “Made in America” products that use “Made in China” components, like the wiring harness in my Harley, is unacceptable and should have never happened.

    It’s all laid out in President Trump’s 2000 best-seller, “The America We Deserve”, Chapter 4 – “The Foreign Policy We Deserve”.

    Once this is over, we need to bring vital manufacturing back to the civilized part of the world. We can let the Chinese keep producing the other junk and toys that keep Libs happy, but only if they promise stop eating anymore raw virus infected animals and dogs.

    Just an unbiased statement of facts by an unbiased Canadian observer.

  3. Kenneth Faivor says:

    10 or 15 people is a full beach……Get a grip lady.

    1. Sharon says:

      Agreed! Who said those 10-15 kids aren’t locals? Are there no kids living on CC now? Closing the bridges will prevent essential services, like food, from reaching the Cape…I bet you didn’t consider that. Closing small beaches may be warranted but there are plenty of beaches that allow for the mandated social distancing and going to one’s happy place (the ocean) during a time of stress is very needed. I wish I was there!

      1. Tom Smith says:

        Pretty sure by closing the bridges they mean checking id’s to make sure you live there before allowing you in and out. Though landlocking you lefties has it’s own advantages.. So I vote YES for that!

    2. Ed Kesz says:

      DO YOU NOT comprehend what the exponential infection rate of this thing is ???????????

      1. ummyaaaaah says:

        luckily all the hand wringing the left is doing negates the need for hand sanitizer – nothing can survive that friction

  4. Eom says:

    world lost their freedom in 3 EASY days and are hoping for communism, fascism, control. suicides, starvation and bankruptcies like lemmings..your wishes are coming TRUE. PEOPLE WILL GO AGAINST THE PEOPPLE

  5. Donald Maginnis says:

    Not sure you are going to be able to prevent people from entering their own private property because they don’t happen to reside there year round, Beth. Most of the property owners (i read about 75%) do not live there year round. You are happy to take their property taxes when they only use services for less than half a year but want to deny them access to the property they purchased and pay taxes on. They also probably provide for a huge portion of the employment and overall economy of the island. If it were not for those out of towners, Cape Cod would probably turn into a ghost town. Don’t bite the hand that feeds Beth.

  6. Plagueman says:

    Libtards emoting again. The “plandemic” is working. Time for everyone to ignore this fake virus scare and go back to work. 200,000 deaths due to the virus is acceptable for me.

  7. LightenUpPeople says:

    The Church lady becomes the Coronavirus lady.

  8. All this over a flu bug currently enjoying a whopping 4.5% mortality rate world wide…yeah, let’s crash the world economy and throw everyone out of work…

  9. Stuart Cooperrider says:

    This kind of news just feeds the media frenzy. A simple search will tell you it’s a small group with little influence and, if you read their proclamation, little command of the english language. A rag-tag effort to do what? They did not think that out. I live here. Gimme a break.

  10. Bryan R Herron says:

    Beaches on Cape Cod on April 1st. ? Ever heard of hypothermia? Been there in late July in 62 degree water.

  11. Barbara Thurston says:

    Cape Cod has 216,000 year round residents and two small hospitals. Falmouth Hospital has 95 beds and Cape Cod hospital has 283. Do the math. Falmouth is full of NY LIcense plates. They are all here at their summer homes. They are not quaranteening. They are at our beaches, markets, Walmart, etc. You are not on vacation…..STAY IN YOUR HOUSES!

  12. Cormac Majors says:

    So you don’t have to close the bridges…but you can put a police checkpoint at the other side of the bridge, and have the cops check IDs and only let in those with a local address. Which is what we did on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and it has worked like a charm and we have no cases on Hatteras Island. Of course, a property owner can just go to the DMV and get their residency changed to Cape Cod, but it does cut down on the casual POS that flood a small community and treat this like a vacation.

  13. J. Murphy says:

    Don’t forget to cut their taxes at least 50% and raise yours the same, you morons!

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