BOSTON (CBS) — Tuukka Rask cleared the air about a potential retirement after next season, saying Tuesday that he’s made no decisions about his future.

It was a few weeks ago when the Bruins took part in their final practice before the NHL suspended play due to coronavirus that Rask hinted that his playing days may be over sooner rather than later to the Boston Globe. The Bruins goaltender appeared on The Greg Hill Show on WEEI on Tuesday morning, and said any chatter about a possible retirement has been completely blown out of proportion.

“Listen, I remember the interview, if you can even call it an interview,” said Rask. “This reporter asked me some questions right after practice when I was packing my bag, and all I said was my contract’s up so every option is on the table. I haven’t made any decisions on any direction yet. Obviously we’re not even playing hockey right now, so that’ll be in the future. But it’s definitely not on my mind right now; I’m just trying to take care of the family now and go back to hockey whenever that happens and then go from there.”

Rask’s contract is up following the 2020-21 season, in which he’ll earn $7 million. He just turned 33 earlier this month, and at the moment, sounds confident that he can get in at least a few more years between the pipes.

“I’m sure we’re going to have good conversations with Sweens (Bruins GM Don Sweeney) after this season and go from there. But I’m only 34 [after next season], so it’s not too old. I might play another year or two and then go from there,” he said. “But I don’t want to promise anything either way because you never know what’s going to happen.”

That certainly rings true for the 2019-20 season. Rask didn’t want to say too much about the NHL’s hiatus, but doesn’t sound very optimistic that the season will conclude.

“Personal opinion, it’s going to be tough to start playing hockey in July and August,” he said. “The ice conditions might be pretty bad and what not.”