BOSTON (CBS) — It’s a strange time for everyone, with (most) people social distancing and isolating themselves as the world deals with the coronavirus pandemic. It has led to a life without sports, taking away the kind of distraction we could all use during these uncertain times.

But while we’re not able to watch some of our favorite sports stars in action, we’re learning an awful lot of interesting tidbits about them as they too guide through the great unknown. Many athletes have taken to social media to run some Q&A sessions, and usually, those answers are just as entertaining as the regular season games we’re missing.

Take for example Bruins captain Zdeno Chara, who on Monday partook in a Zoom interview with his Atlantic Division counterparts Dylan Larkin, John Tavares, and Brady Tkachuk. We learned that Chara and his family are riding out the pandemic in Florida, and that he’s trying to stay in shape with the dumbbells, stationary bike and swimming pool at his disposal. He joked that he’s going to have to get creative to stay in shape, and judging by his past workout videos, the defenseman is going to have to use his imagination for the foreseeable future.

Chara sent out an uplifting message on his Instagram account Monday morning, thanking all of those who are putting their own lives on the line while helping others stay safe and healthy during the pandemic. But he had a little but of fun with the situation during his Zoom interview, especially when asked which teammate he’d least want to be quarantined with.

That honor goes to goaltender Tuukka Rask, who has a reputation around the team for being a little flatulent. As in, Tuukka has the ability to clear a room.

“The smell is awful,” Chara explained. “He likes his chicken wings. Sometimes I have to sit behind him on the bus and I have to control myself sometimes.”

Yikes. It’s a good thing that Chara spends most of his time in front of Rask when the two share the ice. And if you ever see him hesitate just a little bit to clear out a puck behind his goaltender, you can imagine why.

Chara, of course, wouldn’t mind hitting the ice with Rask and the rest of his teammates on the first-place Bruins right now. But he knows there are much bigger things going on than hockey at the moment.

“It is one of those situations you can’t control. Right now we have to look out for each other and look out for our families. Hockey is secondary,” he said. “But it’s hard to pause the league at the place where we were at. Hopefully we’ll get going again and see what can be.”


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