BOSTON (CBS) — We’re all in this sport-less world together. That includes the very athletes who play those sports.

Whether you’re dusting off an old VHS tape of your own glory days of yesteryear or gathering around the tube when a network is so kind enough to fill the void with a rebroadcast, we’re all trying to soak in whatever sports we can get.

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Tom Brady, though fresh off signing a near-$60 million deal to play football, is just like us. When he saw that a replay of Super Bowl LI was on Sunday afternoon, of course he sat down to watch one of the greatest football games ever played.

Brady posted a few pics of himself watching New England’s epic comeback against the Atlanta Falcons, when they erased a 28-3 deficit for a glorious 34-28 victory in overtime.

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Interestingly enough, Brady changed rooms during the game. And even more interesting, he has a fancy fireplace in each room, with a flat screen above each of them.

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No word on what kind of snack Brady enjoyed during the replay, but it was probably healthy.