By Katie Brace

REVERE (CBS) – For residents of nursing homes and senior living facilities, coronavirus has created a new way of life. No visits from beloved family, many are restricted to their rooms, and in the worst cases, the loss of fellow residents.

The Lincoff family regularly talks with their mom who remains in quarantine at the Jack Satter House senior living residence in Revere. The phone calls were especially important on Monday night.

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“It still hasn’t totally sunk in. The numbers we were just told, it’s extremely upsetting,” said Andy Lincoff.

It was just announced that eight residents are hospitalized and five have now died from coronavirus.

Jack Satter House in Revere. (WBZ-TV)

Wayne Rose wrote on Facebook that his mother, 88-year old Virginia Rose Kasper, was one of those who passed. “I got checked and here it less than 24 hours later I am positive myself,” he told WBZ when we spoke with him earlier Monday.

Two-hundred eighty-five seniors live in the complex on Revere Beach Boulevard, including Andy Lincoff’s mom Rose Brown who is 100 years strong.

We first spoke with the family last week, as the Lincoffs were trying to cheer Rose up when the news broke that the complex had a coronavirus outbreak. After hearing more of her neighbors had passed, we spoke with Rose on the phone. “I am taking care and doing everything that they tell me to do,” she told us.

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Rose Brown is quarantined at a Revere senior living facility (WBZ-TV)

Anything the residents need is brought to their doors. The residents are under a mandatory quarantine and must stay in their apartments to try to stop the outbreak.

Rose started self-quarantining before it was mandated. Her family hopes she will stay healthy.

“Under the circumstances, and they are very dire circumstances, I think my mom is doing well,” said Andy Lincoff. “They are all doing all they can to keep the residents safe.”

As soon as they are allowed to enter the building, the family plan to bring Rose to their house. For now they can only wait.

“Hope and pray to God it will be over soon,” Rose said.

As she stays sealed up in her apartment, she wanted to make and share these words of wisdom:

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“This should be a wake-up call for everyone who did not think coronavirus would be at our doorstep.”