BOSTON (CBS) — Former Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson is among the nearly 5,000 coronavirus cases in Massachusetts. Speaking from his home in isolation, Jackson told WBZ-TV it started with a simple sore throat and cough but quickly accelerated.

“I had the worst body pains, just throbbing muscle pain,” Jackson said, who announced his diagnosis on Facebook on Saturday. “It felt kind of like a laser-pointer was zapping me and then obviously had some breathing issues.”

“I don’t want anyone to ever feel the way I felt. I am taking the most conservative approach to make sure no one is exposed to the pains I had,” he said.

As soon as Jackson began feeling symptoms, he said he immediately called the people he was in close contact with and quickly got tested at Carney Hospital in Dorchester.

He stressed the importance of social distancing. “We need to physically distance and we need to have social solidarity.”

On Sunday, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh also warned residents once again about the dangers of this extremely contagious virus and people need to stay physically away from each other. “People are still gathering in groups and playing sports in our parks. This is not social distancing and quite honestly you are putting other people at risk by doing this,” said Walsh.

Jackson is beginning to feel better but plans to remain in isolation until at least mid-April for the safety and welfare of his family and community.

“We are all a part of this community together and we can either help each other or hurt each other,” Jackson said.


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