BOSTON (CBS) – The Massachusetts Department of Public Health announced that 35 people have now died from coronavirus and there have been 3,240 positive tests as of Friday. This marks an increase of 823 positive tests and 10 new deaths since Thursday.

The highest number of positive tests are in Middlesex County, where 685 people have been diagnosed. There are 631 cases in Suffolk County and 350 in Essex County.

(Image: Mass DPH)

The recent jump in positive cases is partially due to increased testing, and working through a backlog of tests. As of Friday, more than 29,371 people had been tested.

“I want to remind people that as we continue to increase the number of tests, we expect to see case numbers rise as well,” Gov. Charlie Baker said this week. “But more tests means more people know for sure whether they have COVID-19.”


Of the total cases, 99 are connected to the Biogen employee conference in Boston at the end of February, 93 are travel-related and 163 are the result of “local transmission.” The origin of 2885 cases is unknown.

At least 288 patients have been hospitalized.

(Image: Mass DPH)

There are 630 cases among people under 30 years old.  1,704 cases are among people ages 30-59, 442 cases between 60-69, and 462 cases in people over 70. The age of 2 patients is unknown.


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