BOSTON (CBS) — Hundreds of Boston families in Boston have healthy meals thanks to many volunteers and generous donors to the Boston Resiliency Fund. Charity groups are learning to make thousands of deliveries together.

Fresh fruits and vegetables were packed and made ready to be delivered to the doorsteps of Boston families who are in need of support Friday, all free of charge.

“In our first pilot, we figured out a way to get 5,000 pounds of food to 230 doorsteps all in one day,” said Josh Trautwein, leader of About Fresh, a non-profit that helps with food insecurity.

He said it’s all thanks to the Boston Resiliency Fund, which recently granted his non-profit $430,000 to help struggling families through these difficult times.

“COVID-19 has created an air of uncertainty, and to be able to ensure our first round of families they can be healthy in the coming weeks inspires hope,” he said.

Trautwein said his Fresh Truck program has been greatly impacted by the crisis. The non-profit had to forgo their typical way of providing food because of social distancing, so they partnered with Katsiroubas Brothers in Hyde Park. Using their trucks and warehouse, they are increasing the number of families they can help.

About Fresh’s Fresh Truck. (WBZ-TV)

“Katisiroubas Brothers produce is dispatching their trucks out to those sites, and off of those trucks we are providing direct to doorstep for our communities hardest hit by the lockdown and economic impact,” Trautwein said.

Ted Katsiroubas of Katsiroubas Brothers said the Resiliency Fund and the partnership with About Fresh not only allowed his company to make a difference in the community, but also helped keep some of his workforce employed. Restaurants make up 75% of his business.

“It’s an honor to be part of this. I needed to maintain unity and find way to keep people working,” he said. “It’s great to be able to pay for the food and keep people employed.”

“The fact these non-profits are able to jump into action so quickly without having the chance to speak to their funders for support and having this program set up so they don’t miss a beat is so important,” said Boston Mayor Marty Walsh about the Resiliency Fund.

With the help of Katsiroubas trucking and packaging, in the next 30 days, About Fresh hopes to distribute more than 1,000 boxes of fresh produce to families every day through the city



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