BOSTON (CBS) — Mayor Marty Walsh is speaking out against racism and showing support for the immigrant community during the coronavirus crisis. He said Boston won’t stand for discrimination in a tense time for the world.

“The virus doesn’t discriminate, neither should we,” Walsh said in a Friday news conference. “This is not a time for scapegoating, this is not a time for stigmatizing anyone.”

The coronavirus has sparked a rise in racist incidents against Asian Americans, CBS News reported.

“We’ve heard about bullying, harassment and racism around our country,” Walsh said. “I certainly won’t stand for it in “Boston, it’s not who we are.”

Walsh also took time to emphasize the role immigrants play in the health care community and the food industry. He said 36% of all home health aides and 29% of physicians in the country are immigrants.

“We can’t get through this crisis without our immigrant neighbors and their contributions,” Walsh said. “We are all in this together and we all depend on one another.”


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