By Dan Roche

BOSTON (CBS) — Today was supposed to be Opening Day. Alas, today is not Opening Day.

And like millions of baseball fans worldwide, Dan Roche is sad.

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Of course, the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic has pushed sports to a screeching halt, something that all sports fans understand. Nevertheless, the absence of sports — particularly on an annual day of celebration like Opening Day — still stings.

That feeling prompted our own Dan Roche to post a love letter of sorts to Opening Day on social media.

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“What do I miss most about Opening Day?” Rochie opened his baseball soliloquy. “Well, it’s waking up on Opening Day, knowing that you’re going to get the game of baseball — the crack of the bat, the plays, smells, the feels. Everything that’s great about the game — and you get it every single day in some way, some shape, some form, from now until the final pitch of the World Series in October.”

Roche added: “I just love having it with me every single day, knowing you can read a box score, knowing you can see highlights. It’s just one of the great things about the game of baseball. It’s a fabric of our society, and it’s a fabric of what I do every single day.”

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Fortunately, one day in the relatively near future, there will be an Opening Day, and all of those feelings can come back. For now, though, like the rest of the sports world, baseball fans will just have to wait.