By Paula Ebben

MANSFIELD (CBS) – She brings the music, to you. A young Mansfield woman is serenading friends and neighbors, but from a safe distance. Jamie is a singer who’s also on the autism spectrum. What she’s doing gives a new definition to “taking requests.”

Anyone who’s ever belted out a tune in the shower knows why Jamie Piro sings; for the sheer joy of it. “My daughter, Jamie, has autism, and a schedule for her is really important,” said Jamie’s mother Kim Piro.

So being cooped up at home because of the coronavirus wasn’t working. “When the schedule stopped abruptly it was very upsetting for her. She couldn’t understand why she couldn’t go to work, why she couldn’t see her friends,” Kim explained.

Jamie Piro sings for her friend Emily Gavin (WBZ-TV)

Her mother needed an idea. “It dawned on me that she loves singing,” she said.

The Jamie Tour was born. Kim put the word out on Facebook. Jamie will come to your home for a mini concert, a couple of songs out front, while the listener stays at a respectable distance.

On Thursday she was in Allston singing for a friend. “Just to have a whole performance at your front door and somebody you admire a lot and is so talented is the coolest part about this. I think she’s doing an amazing job,” said Emily Gavin, the recipient of Thursday’s songs.

“It feels kind of like happiness, I think,” Jamie said.

Jamie Piro (WBZ-TV)

“We’ve been to 25 different towns and seeing maybe 45 different people already,” Kim said.

“She’s going to keep making a lot of people happy. And it’s awesome,” Emily added.

Songs from the movie, Moana are Jamie’s favorites. She says she will keep on singing as long as there is a need to cheer people up.

For more information visit Kim Piro’s Facebook page.

Paula Ebben

  1. Jeanette Dakessian says:

    This is amazing to see :) My son has Autism as well. This brought a smile to my face and tears in my eyes.

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