BOSTON (CBS) — On March 19, Gov. Charlie Baker told President Donald Trump over the phone that the state is trying to buy coronavirus supplies like ventilators and personal protective equipment, but keeps losing out to the federal government. One week later, the Massachusetts governor is still “enormously frustrated.”

“I can’t tell you how frustrated governors, including this one, are about the issue associated with landing the order,” Baker said. “I stand here as someone who has had confirmed orders for millions of pieces of gear evaporate in front of us.”

Trump has told governors that they should be doing everything they can to secure their own equipment.

Baker said that whenever he talks to the feds, “our big message to them is you gotta let us land the order.”

Video: Gov. Baker Frustrated By Challenges In Trying To Order Protective Equipment

“Our first responders, our health care workers, everyone deserves to have that gear,” he said. “We’re killing ourselves trying to make it happen.”

The Department of Public Health on Thursday reported that 25 people have now died of coronavirus and there are 2,417 confirmed cases.

  1. Moses says:

    What does our FAKE Republican Governor expect after his arrogance, not supporting the President and thinking the worst of him. Why doesn’t the governor fire his MEMA team that ALWAYS fail and are unprepared and spends money on consultants to make decisions, policy and put it in motion. The chickens have come home to roost.

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