BOSTON (CBS) – Mayor Marty Walsh was critical of “mixed messages” coming from the federal government during the coronavirus pandemic. Walsh’s comments came a day after President Donald Trump suggested the country could be back up and running by Easter.

Walsh said public health needs to be the priority, rather than focusing solely on the impact coronavirus shutdowns are having on the economy.

“I want to be absolutely clear about the focus. We heard yesterday some mixed messages from Washington and the national conversation to suggest we shift priorities. Our focus in Boston and what should be in the country right now is on public health,” Walsh said on Wednesday. “It’s to listening to our medical community. It’s about doing the right thing now and in the difficult weeks ahead. Our focus should be on saving lives, preventing the spread of the virus because every single life is worth saving.”

Walsh said there are currently 197 cases of coronavirus in Boston and 21 have made full recoveries. Two Boston residents have died as a result of coronavirus.

“I also want to be clear there’s no other options. If our health system gets overwhelmed, there will be serious implications to this,” said Walsh. “There is no economic recovery without public health. There’s only one way through all of this. That’s to test our resolve, and Boston certainly has what it takes.”

Earlier in the week, Gov. Charlie Baker issued an order for all non-essential businesses in the state to close. On Wednesday, Walsh issued resources for small businesses in Boston to help support them.


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