BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady has built an empire off the fact that he wore the No. 12 as he was winning all those Super Bowls in New England, so he’s expected to do what he has to do in order to get those digits in Tampa Bay. It may take some negotiating with his new teammate, wide receiver Chris Godwin.

Godwin currently wears No. 12 for Tampa, but said that he’d give it to Brady out of respect — his new QB just needs to ask him for it. Brady did not discuss his jersey number when the Buccaneers introduced their prized free agent signing on Tuesday, and considering the momentous occasion was done via a conference call, we didn’t get to see Brady hold up a Bucs jersey.

But it would seem as though the Buccaneers team store knows something we don’t. They’re already taking preorders on Tom Brady Buccaneers jerseys (which are the top sellers in men, women and youth sizes), and the number on the back is the same one Brady wore the last two decades with the Patriots:

Perhaps TB12 gave CG12 a call after his conference call and hashed out an agreement for the digit.

And if you’re wondering why those Bucs jerseys look more like the jerseys for another band of pirates — the Oakland Raiders — you’re not alone. But those are not the actual jersey that Brady will be playing in next season, or the jersey that fans will receive if they preorder Brady’s new threads. Tampa Bay is among the teams that will unveil new jerseys this offseason, so what you currently see on the website is just a generic jersey until the new ones are revealed.

Maybe at that point, we’ll know for sure which number Brady will have on the back of that jersey.


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