BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker pleaded to members of the U.S. Senate to put partisan issues aside and reach an agreement on a stimulus deal that would help resuscitate the economy that has been hit hard during the coronavirus pandemic.

Senators have been unable to reach a deal so far on a stimulus bill. Economists say the country is already in a recession and predict a historic surge in unemployment.

“The debate around the economic aid package in the Senate well, frankly, it’s been appalling. But I can’t say I’m surprised,” said Baker, Massachusetts’ Republican governor.

“This kind of partisan behavior is not an option now. It may take a little longer than it should and in fact it already has for Washington to come around but I am hopeful and confident that they will and that they will soon.”

The Dow jumped 1,136 points, or 6.1%, to start the day Tuesday as investors weighed the Federal Reserve’s vow to support key financial markets and prospects for a proposed relief bill in Congress.

“Make a deal. Make a deal,” Baker urged lawmakers.

“Governors, mayors, and other elected officials at the state and local level are stepping up on this,” said Baker. “I myself have probably talked either directly or on calls with more than 40 of our nation’s governors over the past 14 days. And they are all stepping up for their states and doing everything they possibly can to help their people stay safe throughout this crisis.”


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