PLYMOUTH (CBS) – A family in Plymouth has come up with a fun way to make the most of their time together while they’re stuck at home trying to avoid the coronavirus.

Kate O’Connor said she, her husband and their daughter Ally have turned dinner time into “theme nights.”

On Monday night, Sean wore a suit and Kate and her daughter wore dresses and heels for a fancy dinner and dance at home.

“It is what you make of it,” she told WBZ-TV. “I am always up for a theme. So my husband Sean and Ally were like, ‘oh gosh here she goes again.’”

In fact, Ally had her mother introduce her “like she was a fairy coming into a ball,” Kate said her husband had to “curtsy” to Ally as she entered the kitchen.

The O’Connors plan to keep the themes going as long as they’re all home together.

Kate said their next theme will be beach night.


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