BOSTON (CBS) — “Wipes in pipes” could be a big problem. That’s the warning from the Boston Water and Sewer Commission, as toilet paper becomes harder to find due to coronavirus panic buying.

Flushable wipes don’t belong in the toilet and should be thrown away in the trash because they can clog household pipes and public sewers, the commission said. The “anticipated overload” could jeopardize both Boston’s sewer system and The Deer Island wastewater treatment plant.

“The increased usage of flushable wipes has already been reported by other municipal systems and has been attributed to a perception that toilet paper is in short supply,” the commission said.

The Lawrence Department of Public Works said Wednesday that sewer pump stations are clogging “more than usual” because of the wipes.

Boston Water and Sewer also said city residents don’t need to worry about stocking up on bottled water because the tap water is safe to drink.



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