BOSTON (CBS) – As of Thursday, there are now 328 Coronavirus cases in Massachusetts. The number increased by 72 positive tests since Wednesday.

The large increase in positive tests is a partially the result of increased testing capabilities at at a state level.

Thursday morning, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker visited Quest Diagnostics in Marlboro. Baker said by Saturday, he expects an “enormous increase” in the number of coronavirus tests the state can process.

Of the coronavirus cases in Massachusetts, 97 are connected to the Biogen employee conference that took place at the end of February.

In the state, 46 cases are through local transmission, 34 are travel related, and 151 remain under investigation.

The highest number of cases by county in Massachusetts come in Middlesex County, where 119 people tested positive.

One of those confirmed cases has been linked to Cape Cod Senior Residences, an assisted living facility in Pocasset. Officials say the resident who was infected has underlying health conditions and has been hospitalized. The facility said they’re working with health officials to determine the next move.

On Wednesday, there were 256 cases in Massachusetts.

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  1. Edwina Straker says:

    More non-transparency in the crazy MA government, with not much help from the CBS Boston kissy news team.

    Where in these counties are these cases? Middlesex, Suffolk, and Norfolk are petty large. What is the history of these new cases, who did they meet, where did they go, and what did they consume (i.e., drinking out of the same beer bottle)? Notice 151 cases are “under investigation”; in other words, we don’t have to tell anyone. And of course the cause for all of this spread, socialized health care—-you are FORCED to purchase government mandated health insurance (under the disguise it is called “health care”) or face Law Enforcement if you do not. (Pay a “tax” fine, or the gestapo DOR comes calling).

    Gee, thanks a lot CBS Boston, you really help MA residents. Oh wait, another pharmaceutical commercial, how convenient that everyone is inside now to watch this propaganda, 100% camera-slowly-panning, 7th Heaven garbage.

  2. Jack says:

    Can we know where these people were? Why not? In S. Korea they had/have a national app, when one person tested positive, that person marked on the app where they had been so that others could protect themselves and avoid those same places and the gov’t could spray down those places…

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