BOSTON (CBS) — Shortly after Tom Brady announced his departure from the Patriots on Tuesday morning, team owner Robert Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick released statements to share their appreciation of Brady’s 20 years in New England.

A bit later, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels released a statement of his own, and it was equally heartfelt.

McDaniels has been part of Brady’s Patriots career for 16 of those 20 years. He was the coach who worked closest with Brady, as the quarterbacks coach from 2004-08 and as the offensive coordinator from 2005-08 and then again from 2012 through the present.

Here’s what McDaniels had to say about the departure of the legend:

I have so much gratitude for Tom Brady. He has made me a better coach and more importantly a better person. He has always been genuinely kind and caring to me and my family. Yet at the same time, I have never met anyone as demanding and relentless in his pursuit of improvement, perfection and championships. His work ethic and drive propelled our offense and our team to perform at the very highest level throughout his career. He represented all of us with class and integrity. We will miss his passion and intensity, his character and wisdom, and his preparation and diligence. I will miss all the meetings, FaceTimes, emails and texts in our pursuit of a good play. He always performed his best in the most critical times under the most significant pressure. I have never coached a tougher player in my career.

Although I feel a great sadness knowing that he is leaving the Patriots, I am grateful for the years we were together and beyond blessed to call him my friend. He has made an indelible impact on my life and career and I will forever be in his debt.

He defined what it means to be a “Patriot.” He is the best quarterback to ever play in the NFL. I wish him nothing but great happiness and success in all that he does. There will never be another Tom Brady.

McDaniels will remain the Patriots’ offensive coordinator in 2020, the first time since 2001 that he’ll enter a season in New England with someone other than Tom Brady atop the depth chart.

  1. dolphinwrite says:

    A lot of people, fans, continue to argue over the best quarterbacks. And that will always be with fans. Regarding Tom Brady, given 9 Super bowl appearances and 6 wins, I would agree. Individually, I would argue Montana was the best, given his skill sets and playing during during a different era when quarterbacks were treated with kid gloves. But then, we could say a similar thing about Terry Bradshaw who had about as much interceptions and touchdowns, yet won 4. But again, that comparing apples to oranges and in different eras with different rules. But Tom also did is against the Arron Rogers and Peytons, save one brother. Many argue Aaron Roger is the best, looking at his stats. But that’s not the real world. What makes a great quarterback? How they play. Do they show up at key moments? Do they work well within the system (i.e. Would Arron Rogers have done as well in New England? We’ll never know.)? Do they work well with the staff? Do they get a big head? Do they motivate their other players? Do they see the big moments? And seize them? Can they use other players when throwing isn’t working? What is their temperament. There are so many factors, not just touchdowns versus picks. Remember, Arron stayed in Greenbay. He could have gone to another team. Tom was in the right place at the right time, but he’s also worked with changing staff. Belichik, a genius, can’t do it all, but he finds the right talent. What makes the talent the right pick? He stayed with Tom. Why? Because talent knows talent. **Think of Michael Jordan. Other players and teams could have won the championship, including Karl Malone, but not while Jordan was around.

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