BOSTON (CBS) – The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles re-opened eight of its 30 locations Wednesday and there were long lines to get in in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

All locations were shut down Monday and Tuesday. The offices in Boston-Haymarket, Brockton, Plymouth, Worcester, Lawrence, Fall River, Springfield and Pittsfield were open for business Wednesday morning, but the wait was extremely long to get inside all of them.

There was a long line outside the RMV in Lawrence Wednesday. (WBZ-TV)

The state is asking that only customers with immediate needs come to those locations.

Road tests for permit holders are still postponed at all RMV locations through at least Friday, March 20. There is also a 60-day deadline extension for drivers who have personal credentials expiring in March and April.

The RMV limited the amount of people inside because the coronavirus. Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack said customers should expect longer waits.

There was a long line outside the Haymarket RMV in Boston Wednesday. (WBZ-TV)

“Six in at a time,” said Donna Carey of Hanson. “Three hours I was here.”

Outside, people were also told to spread out for social distancing.

“It’s a little deceiving when you go on the website and it says there is a six minute wait,” said Monet Ryan of Kingston, who was helping his son register his first car. “You don’t really expect to come here and find this.”

Plenty of services can still be done online and AAA also offers select RMV services to its members.

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  2. Reality Check says:

    So more customers packed into fewer locations. That’s the complete opposite of what they should be doing.

  3. Prad says:

    I don’t understand how this makes any sense. The people in line aren’t even remotely close to being 6 feet apart. This is just going to cause the virus to spread further. I think the decision to allow the RMV to open was very carelessly made.

  4. happy camper says:

    Either the RMV is cirtial or it is a bad joke. I tend to think it is a bad joke myself but if the state is going to create such systems they need to make sure they can do business or better yet shut them down and repeal the legislation that created it in the first place.

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