PLYMOUTH (CBS) – A Plymouth micro-distillery is now making a new product in addition to liquor. Dirty Water Distillery is making hand sanitizer.

The owners realized the ethanol they discard in making liquors is a key ingredient for sanitizer. Since Purell and similar products are flying off store shelves, Dirty Water Distillery is making up batches of sanitizer – and giving it away for free.

“We’ve had quite a few walk-ins come in,” head distiller Brenton Mackechnie said. “I have had a bunch of community organizations come in as well, including Plymouth PD; they’re hurting for sanitizer.”

Dirty Water Distillery is now also making hand sanitizer (WBZ-TV)

Mackechnie said their sanitizer is made to the World Health Organization specifications.

They are asking anyone who stops by for the free product to bring a 2 to 3 ounce spray bottle.

  1. John Owen says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people like this were running our Country?

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