By Juli McDonald

NORWOOD (CBS) – Ever since a picture-perfect, precisely planned proposal last summer, Elizabeth Pels and Brendan Slowey of Norwood have been counting down the days until their April 17 wedding.

“We ended up falling in love with where we picked which was Wychmere Beach Club in Harwich,” Elizabeth said.

“Right on the water; it’s beautiful,” Brendan added.

But they never could have anticipated the worst wedding crasher of all – coronavirus. The couple began to worry about their older relatives and guests with health complications.

“We were starting to think maybe this isn’t right. We don’t want to put these people at risk; this is to celebrate us but it’s also to bring the people we love together to celebrate us,” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth Pels and Brendan Slowey (WBZ-TV)

They made the difficult decision to cancel the wedding for the safety of their guests, not knowing just days later they’d have no other choice. Large gatherings were then banned.

“Our honeymoon was canceled,” Elizabeth said. “Bachelorette and bachelor party, both canceled,” Brendan said.

Now both working from home, any free time is spent un-planning their wedding. Emailing vendors, talking with guests, unsure when their special day will happen. They’ve held on to great attitudes despite the disappointment… remembering they still have the very best thing – each other.

“It’s still a wedding. It’s a party,” Elizabeth said. “It’s not like we can never have that party. It’s still going to happen. There’s a lot bigger things going on.”

Juli McDonald

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