BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker assured residents during a Tuesday press conference that there is no shelter-in-place order planned for the state in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“While we have taken unprecedented and strong action, I want to address the ongoing rumors about a possible order to shelter in place. I spoke about this before. But let me be clear. We are not planning any shelter in place order,” said Baker, addressing unfounded rumors that the state could take such action. “In times of crisis, it’s imperative that everyone get their news from legitimate places and sometimes that’s not from your friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s neighbor.”

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As of Monday, there are 197 cases of coronavirus in Massachusetts. As of Tuesday morning, the state has tested 1,367 people.

Baker also asked residents to “use common sense” and avoid hoarding at grocery stores.

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“Many folks have noticed grocery store shelves seem bare. The reason for this is because people are perhaps going a little overboard to stock up on supplies. Please use common sense and moderation and avoid hoarding large quantities. The shelves are getting restocked pretty much every night,” Baker said.

The governor announced that the state will distribute $5 million in emergency funds to local licensing boards along with cities and towns impacted by coronavirus.

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“The significant measures we’ve taken in the past few days will help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 but there is no denying that this causes major disruption for our economic sector and especially the Commonwealth’s small business community,” said Baker, who added he was speaking to the federal government earlier in the day about a major recovery package.