WILMINGTON (CBS) — While the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we go about our daily lives, it’s good to know some people are reaching out to those who could use a hand. At least that’s what three pizza shops in Wilmington are doing.

EJ’s Pizza, LaRosa’s Restaurant, and Tremezzo Pizzeria are doing what they do best in order to help their community, and even with their own futures in doubt, they said they’ll do it for as long as they can.

At EJ’s Pizza, owner Eladio Guevara is pledging to provide food for school kids, the elderly and others who could use a meal during the crisis. “No charge. No charge. All for the kids and families. Just trying to help out as much as you can,” said Guevara.

Eladio Guevara, the owner of EJ’s Pizza is giving back to the community during the coronavirus pandemic (WBZ-TV)

The idea came from Tania Graves, a loyal EJ’s customer from Reading. She set up a webpage where locals can request a meal. Then she and other volunteers will make the deliveries.

“This is what they teach us at church. What we’re supposed to do is love our neighbors and this is what our neighbors need right now,” Graves said.

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Meanwhile, at LaRosa’s Restaurant and Tremezzo Pizzeria, the idea is the same. People in the local community can contact them and receive a boxed lunch or a pizza. “We can’t give everything, but to give a sandwich to a young boy or girl who doesn’t have it during school seems like a no brainer to me,” said Rick Lowe from Tremezzo.

All three shops concentrate on take-out, so they’re allowed to operate, but the owners don’t know how long that will last.

“There’s a lot of confusion. No one knows what’s happening, and we know that today we’re open while some restaurants, unfortunately, aren’t. Today, while we’re here, we want to help as many people as we can,” said Lisa Johnson from LaRosa’s.

Sign up here to request a meal or volunteer to deliver meals from EJ’s Pizza.

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